I.S.E.S., Italian Senior Expert Service, is a voluntary non-profit association, whose main business is to provide assistance to firms and communities in Italy and in other countries, proposing experts willing to transfer their professional knowledge.

Since 1985, the year of its foundation, I.S.E.S. missions were made to aid in more than 20 countries in different parts of the world, including: Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Panama, Peru, Paraguay, Romania, Russia , Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Hungary, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.
The main areas of activity are: agriculture, culture, industry, health, services, tourism, universities and training.
I.S.E.S. It has also been engaged for years in initiatives to assist young people. Particularly in 2017 is in progress the ninth edition of the project “I.S.E.S. Giovani – esperienze di lavoro del mondo”, aimed at recent graduates of the University of Turin and Eastern Piedmont and Turin Politecnico to help them integrate into the working world.
I.S.E.S. is a founding member of CESES “Confederation of European Senior Expert Services” based in Bruxelles which brings together 25 associations of Seniores, from 15 countries of the European Union.
I.S.E.S. participates in the Council of Seniors of the city of Turin, which was set up as a consultative and proactive body of the City Consiglio and the City Giunta, to present proposals for interventions aimed at maintaining the dignity of life of the elderly population and its promotion, as well as actions to avoid any discrimination.
I.S.E.S. is registered to the registers of the Volunteer of the Piedmont Region, the N ° 1391 from 13/04/1993, the Turin City Council by resolution 2003/00893/01 and the European Community with No. ITA-23203 from 16.07.1998.